30 Day Notice

I just gave my 30 day notice for my home and one of the Temple of Poi studios. I’m more or less letting go of my home studio (and my home) and going homeless for some period of time as of April 15 though I have places to sleep, sort of, so that’s only sort of true.

The good news is I’m moving the upstairs studio — the one with less usable space, lower ceilings, a leaky ceiling and higher rent — to a new location at 10th and Mission into my friend Decker’s place where he uses the space for the Authentic programs. Isa's Piano at the Authentic SF SpaceIt is bigger and nicer, so teaching wise, this is a huge step up. In fact, this studio will be larger than the main studio I’ve used for 7 years and I’m still keeping at the 953 Mission location. And, it is currently housing my piano, so I get to be reunited with it. 🙂

I’m also renting an office there so and I’ll have a home base and some flexibility with chilling there in the evenings during the week.

I don’t really have my housing sorted fully so if you have something to offer, please let me know. 🙂

Meanwhile, I’m going to get a hotel room for the weekend of the expo (April 23-27) simply so I can maintain my sanity, then fire drums is the next weekend (April 30 to May 3) so I’m out of town, then I am trying to arrange a trip to Dallas for workshops the following weekend (May 8-11).  I go to Chicago to be with a friend who is doing chemo on the 12th of May and stay there for a workshop over that weekend until the 18th. So a lot of fun travel. 

I will then have a housesit (I hope, still securing this) for end of May through mid August, so it’s only a month of really crazy I guess. At that point it is my hope that James/Hunter and I move in together into a space. We’ll see what unfolds though.

With respect to the Temple, classes will begin in the new space the week of May 13 and this is really exciting because now I have an awesome space to throw Flow Jams in, so you can expect more of them to come. 🙂

About PoiPriestess

Isa “GlitterGirl” Isaacs has been a professional fire dancer and instructor since 2002 when she established her first flow arts education company, Temple of Poi, the premier poi school in the world. Since then, she has been working as a Priestess of Poi, teaching the ways of flow as a lifestyle choice. More details can be found on the about page on this site.