Photos: Chronicles of GlitterGirl: Vol 1

Because I want all these cool photos to rotate in the cool iris widget on the right, I am creating a series of entries that are index to the original article which contain the photos from the Chronicles of GlitterGirl from 2006. It’s inspiring enough to want to make me do another series of the comic book. 🙂 

Below are photos of the first comic book. Click on the link and you can go to the original article, or press the Archive link to see all the articles I’ve written on my blog in the last few years, including small photos. There’s several hundred articles, so enjoy browsing.

May 19, 2006

GlitterGirl: I Used to Have Hair

GlitterGirl Used to have Hair, Part II

May 20, 2006

GlitterGirl Bald: What's the Bravest Way to Go?

May 21, 2006

GlitterGirl Bald: Flowology

May 23, 2006

GlitterGirl Bald: Hope

May 24, 2006

GlitterGirl Bald: Yup!

May 25, 2006

GlitterGirl Bald: WWJD?

May 26, 2009

GlitterGirl Bald: Vanity


May 28, 2006

GlitterGirl Bald: Self Expression

May 29, 2006

GlitterGirl Bald: Butterfly

May 30, 2006

GlitterGirl Bald: Faith

May 31, 2006

GlitterGirl Bald: Ode to Martha Graham

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