Request for Help for Expo!

As you may or may not be aware, on April 25 I’m producing the largest gathering of internationally renown fire dancing artists ever assembled on one free, legal and public stage in the western hemisphere. Support the Temple of Poi 2009 Fire Dancing Expo & 7 Year AnniversaryThis event is being held in Union Square and is part of the Jewels in the Square program (city sponsored) and was selected as a Cornerstone Event for National Dance week. In addition to 5 student acts and several local and internationally renown fire dancers, artists are coming in from around the US (7 artists from outside the bay area) as well as Scotland (1 artist), Sweden (2 artists), Japan (2 Artists) and France (5 artists).

This event, while free to the public, costs about $5000 to produce. Fortunately, the city is covering about half of it. I’m still looking for donations — even $10 helps a lot, especially if many people give $10 — to assist in funding the travel stipends for the artists and permits (the fire permit alone is nearly $800).

If you’re called to help, you can do so on the Temple of Poi web site using the Chip-In link where you can read about the event and artists participating as well.

Please feel free to spread the word liberally about the show and mark your calendars for April 25, 7:50 pm sharp in Union Square.

Many blessings,

About PoiPriestess

Isa “GlitterGirl” Isaacs has been a professional fire dancer and instructor since 2002 when she established her first flow arts education company, Temple of Poi, the premier poi school in the world. Since then, she has been working as a Priestess of Poi, teaching the ways of flow as a lifestyle choice. More details can be found on the about page on this site.