A quick summary of the last 6 weeks. . .

Let’s see – – the quick summary of my past 6 weeks. . .

April 14-17, 2009 I moved everything out of my old place. About a third of it went to my new office/art studio/sewing lab. Through a bizarre twist of fate, my bed ended up there as well which is convenient if I need a place to sleep and because of my hectic travel schedule, I have actually slept there a few times.

Shortly after, I did some couch surfing and then during the weekend of the Expo I got a hotel room which was great and what I needed. The show was amazing and was, absolutely, my greatest contribution to planet earth so far in terms of making change and creating opportunity on a community level. I got lots of press and feel great about the whole thing.

Then the first weekend in May I went to FireDrums in Santa Cruz where I taught and performed and got rained on and got a tent full of water and had some amazing breakthroughs dancing in the rain and mud after completely surrendering to the crappy weather and wet tent. I also was reminded how grateful I am for a roof over my head and a place to put my stuff.

I was back in SF for a few days and then I went on what has turned out to be a major journey on the road. The initial plan had me going to Dallas May 7-11 where I taught a workshop and stayed with my friends Phillip and Disney. I had a great time and the workshop was a phenomenal success (despite a few bumps in the process).

Then I went to Chicago on the 11th and went with my friend Liz to her chemo treatment the next day. What an amazing spirit she is and I am continually inspired by her. I stayed with her and her equally inspiring husband Devin at their loft in Chicago (the Ninja Loft — yes, you might have noticed my new GlitterNinjaGirl NickName) to do some private sessions and then, on the weekend after the Dallas workshop, to do 2 workshops which were both sold out (34 students in all over the two weekend days). They were also phenomenal and I was very inspired by them both!

While I was there, the idea of me going with them and the rest of their troupe, Pyrotechniq, GlitterGirl teams up with Pyrotechniq for FIFA!on a gig to the Bahamas came up and after a week of discussion, in stead of going back home to SF — after all, I hadn’t gotten a new place to live so I could travel through most of May — I decided to stay in Chicago till the Bahamas trip which is upon me now — June 1-4. So I’m still in Chicago right now staying with them and we’re preparing for the trip to the Bahamas and having a blast.

I did another class while I was here which was small and fun. It’s been great working with a troupe that’s been together for a while and so much fun to be appreciated for the gifts I bring while working with professionals who love their work and allowed me to just pop in and play with them. I’m elated by the experience. And, on top of that, although I had to defer some money in SF until mid June, I am getting well paid which has it be almost worth while fiscally. If you consider the working vacation to the Bahamas though — where I’ll be staying at the Atlantis Hotel (which I went to back in 98 I think for a Tivoli/IBM sales reward trip) — it is completely worth it for me. Plus the adventure is fun!

I get back to SF on the 4th after a full day of travel and then I am back in the swing of classes there. I had thought to go to Seattle in June to teach a workshop but I don’t think that is going to happen. I will be going to Bend Oregon for a wedding though at the end of the month (at least I think so) and then I’ll be up north for two campouts where I teach and perform in early July. So it’s a summer of fun travels and adventure. 🙂

For now, I’m about to take a shower and will be getting in a cab in 45 minutes to head to O’Hare for the FIFA gig. Hope everything is thriving in your world. 🙂

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Isa “GlitterGirl” Isaacs has been a professional fire dancer and instructor since 2002 when she established her first flow arts education company, Temple of Poi, the premier poi school in the world. Since then, she has been working as a Priestess of Poi, teaching the ways of flow as a lifestyle choice. More details can be found on the about page on this site.