This May Be My New Favorite Way to Get Comic Relief!

Thanks Brian M. for posting the link to this on Facebook this morning. This site is seriously ridiculous. Some of the posts are not funny to me, but some of them were so outrageous as to crack me up beyond belief. For example: 

(973): yeah for some reason your penis didn’t fit in my mouth the other day

Or this one: 

(44): What’s everyones problem with my costume?!
(1-44): It looks like a unicorn came on your face.

Or this one: 

(917): I’ve been thinking about all the girls in my life in terms of applying to college.
(518): Huh?
(917): I guess what im trying to say is that your my safety school. (440): Why do I fail so hard at ironing, when I’m a woman and i should be amazing at it?
(1-440): because god found you far too good at oral sex and had to make all things even? 

Texts From Last Night, my new favorite comic relief

Ladies and Gentleman, I give you Texts From Last Night, where their tag line is, Remember that text you shouldn’t have sent last night? We do. 

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