Live the Dream

Mike Kepka did this great little mini feature on me in the Chronicle and SFGate this weekend. Live the DreamAfter reading some of the comments, I found myself outraged by the ways in which we choose our lives to be so filled with negativity. If this were the only place I saw this in my life, perhaps it wouldn’t be so impacting, though there are so many more things going on in my world right now that are contributing to the sense of outrage.

Anyway, I got a message today from a FB friend — a beautiful woman whom I’ve met once who was reaching out and just wanted to see how I was doing. I was quite moved.

My response follows:

You know, I have this policy in my life to live as authentically as possible. I could give you lots of shallow answers — I mean, hell, we barely have met, right?

but here’s the raw honest truth:
i am living my life on the edge of my capability and i have been for 7 years since i started the temple. i love it. i’m challenged by it. i’m driven to tears by it more often than i’d like.

and still, i believe as i sit here and cry that my willingness to uncompromisingly face my own fears, challenges and demons is the only thing i can contribute to this world that has never been given before because i am willing to surrender to the struggle, stand up and live fully, passionately and authentically, and, even when all else around me seems hopeless, Be who I am Called to be by something so much greater than what i think i *should* be and what i *know* would be an easier path.

Not sure — does that answer your question? felt good to say. . . 😉

thanks for asking. you have no idea how much that means. truly.

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