Top Tips for Face Care: A perspective from a lay person

As a professional performer who is always doing photo shoots, I am very grateful for the ways in which I’ve taken care of my face over my 40 yearsMe 'n my 40 year old face. :) . Here are some of the thoughts I have on why my skin looks as good as it does for my age — aside from the generic 40 is the new 20. I actually have a face care ritual that I follow and it’s come up lately, now that I’m in my 40’s, as something to share with other’s who appreciate my really awesome skin — a fair trade off for a big ass if you ask me. 😉 LOL!!!

The first section below is about the actual products and practices for external care.

  1. First, and foremost, I always, always, always use a face cream with sunblock during the day. If you’re going to bother to put cream on your face, why not a cream that offers you the extra protection from the sun? I am particularly sensitive to this point as someone who has a sun allergy. I’m a HUGE fan of Murad products. For day cream, I use the essential C line which has SPF 30. It’s super expensive in stores, but you can get an 8 oz jug (which lasts especially well if you use the toner with it and I’ve had for my last one for about 9 months) for about $80 on ebay. If you buy it in smaller tubes it’s like $25 or something retail. It’s completely crazy.
  2. Before I use the moisturize, I actually use a toner. I used to think toner’s were just a bunch of BS. What I found, after trying a sample for a while with my cream, was that the toner actually mixes with the cream and allows me to use *less* cream which more than makes up for the cost of the toner itself. Toner is relatively cheap and long lasting compared to cream, and something about the moisture of the toner I use (also from the Essential C Murad Line) combined with the cream really has me use just pea sized dollops of cream rather than dime or larger sized amounts. It makes a big difference in cost as well as the consistency of the cream as it is applied to my face.
  3. After I tone and also before the moisturizer, I also use a skin renewing product. Generally I use the Essential C skin renewing complex from Murad, though I have used some of the capsules from Dermatologica and even the Walgreen brand capsules. They all work. That said, the Murad Essential C formula visibly reduces the lines on my face within 2 minutes of application. No shit. So while this stuff costs a lot (it’s $95 retail but again, you can get it on EBay for $50-$60 for a 2 oz jar) but goes a long way and has far better results than other face creams I’ve used.
  4. Especially in the winter and when my face is dry, I use an additional night cream. Being the big fan of Murad that I am I actually use their Body Firming Cream. I LOVE it. I figure, if it firms my body, why wouldn’t it firm my face? I said that to one of the women at the Murad counter at PureBeauty and she said that she was surprised it didn’t feel problematic on my face — I guess it’s a more harsh formula.
  5. Home Facials. They are a great way to do affordable self care when you can’t go to a spa and get a professional one — which I absolutely recommend!

Now there’s a whole other series of things which are less obvious about your internal care and how it impacts your face and its aging.

  1. Hydration. Water cleanses every part of your body — inside out. So remain hydrated.
  2. Reduction of daily stress on system. This means healthy drinks — dropping the coffee, the latte, soda and of course low alcohol consumption helps too. Low/no caffeine intake as well as low alcohol intake is one of the things I believe has helped me.
  3. No smoking. ’nuff said.
  4. Daily affirmation. My personal affirmation while I’m cleaning my face as well as applying my skin care products goes something like this: “I am young and healthy. I am vibrant. I have the cell regeneration of a peak performing human body. I look vital.” I have been doing this affirmation for years and I truly believe it has helped me to have the skin I have.

Having been a vegan, vegetarian to different degrees, pescatarian and meat eater, I can’t say that meat consumption has done anything negative to the look of my skin. I also think this is a personal thing. I know I started looking more healthy (less pale) when I reintroduced meat in limited quantities into my diet after taking a 10 year break. That’s just me — YMMV!

Hope this is useful!

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