Flow Practice Notes

Had a lovely practice with Erol today, super awesome practice with Nick the other night, enjoying the stuff I geeked on with Kyle, and I’m still digesting FireDrums notes. So here’s some of my thoughts on new stuff I’m playing with and older stuff I’m integrating:

  • orbital, entering from left side — 35% success
  • orbital, entering from right side – never, yet
  • airwrap, clockwise — 45% success
  • airwrap, counter clockwise – 30%
  • BF, kick tap reversal into airwrap — 50/50 on which way is better but both are still at 20% success
  • BTB same direction CAP turn around — left turn much stronger than right turn at this point
  • Ronin hybrid 9/3 (L) CAP with (R) pendulum
  • “cactus”
  • jedi stalls with one hand btb
  • waist wrap jedi — left is still so lame – i mean improving
  • jedi both behind the back
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