they USED to be cool…

Warning: this is just sort of a rant, so read at your own peril. 🙂

Used to be, back in the early part of the millennium (that’s a cool thing to say, isn’t it?) that was a great place to go to help my business. Today I just found out that not only do they require you have an account with them in order to post for things like personals and room mate adds, but also for simple things like class events.

Now it’s not that account that is so much of an issue for me — it is the blatant discrimination against people who do not have phones as well as people who want to do smart things like use different email address for sorting their emails (like I use in my email client). Since they have implemented this new system, if you associated a phone number with an email address, you’re screwed if you want to associate either a different phone number with that email or a different email with that phone number. Read as: you can only have one account per phone number on Craigslist which is quite limiting and, for me, is more annoying than the ongoing sound of nails scratching on a chalk board.

You’d think they would at least warn you in advance that you can’t change it or allow you to associate more than one email address with your account, like cool companies like PayPal


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