One of the Most Miraculous things I’ve Ever Witnessed!

Today, December 22, 2010, I was driving on the Golden Gate Bridge when a rainbow appeared before my eyes. It happened at about 3PM and it was just north of the bridge.

As I was driving, I watched it first appear, just the left half of the first one. I was driving so taking quality photos was a bit difficult but I snapped a few shots anyway just because it was too amazing.

In fact, it was so amazing that I then decided I would pull over into the vista point spot. It was a mad dash — I was not alone in my quest for the perfect spot from which to take a photo. In the time it took me to pull off 101 and get into the lot, the rainbow had gone from a partial rainbow to a complete rainbow.

By the time I managed to pull into a spot a few minutes later, the beginning of the second rainbow started appearing from the right (south). At this point I was just amazed — it was as if magic had happened and I was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time!

It was utterly awestruck and giddy as I climbed the steps of the vista. Looking out to the east I saw the bottom of the right side of the rainbow — so very close to me. Before i knew it, the left side of the second rainbow was overhead as I was snapping pictures, joined by others who shared in the thrilling experience nature provided today. As I took it all in, noticing I was going to be even later than intended to my appointment, I thought about the adage about stopping to smell the roses and figured this was the visual equivalent. In less then 15 minutes I had watched the whole thing appear and then vanish slowly before my eyes. It was quite a miraculous experience and it literally stopped me in my tracks!

Here’s my attempt at sewing the pictures together to form a single image of the rainbow. Enjoy! 🙂

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